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Jordan Craig photography
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Gallery Overview

Washington DC

This was my first trip to Washington, and found that everything was much larger then I had ever anticipated. Strong and powerful... massive columns stretching to the sky, kept me in a state of awe the entire time. The light was also incredible, the early spring light was like shooting first thing in the morning, but all day long.


One of the most beautiful and vibrant cities I have ever seen. I traveled from Warsaw north to a small medieval village named "Torun" where the astronomer Copernicus was born. I will be sure to travel back to poland to further explore this amazing country.

New York

This is a collection of iconic photographs of the great city of New York. I waited for very specific times of day to shoot the Brooklyn Bridge, so I could get long dark shadows underscoring the cable rigging. Night photographs of the Empire State building were shot over a series of evenings to get just the right feel, and was well worth the wait.


This is a collection of photographs of Montreal. Most of these were taken in the old port, and the plateau area of this magnificent city.


I was born and live in Ottawa, and my home naturally has the most influence on my photographs. I try to capture the quite dignity of this proud city, by carefully taking photographs that show the scope of the architecture, people and changes of season that affect myself and my family every day.

Ottawa Valley

This is a collection of photographs taken in and around the Ottawa Valley during countless photo taking “missions” to places just beyond my back door.

Nova Scotia

This is a collection of images in and around Halifax, Lunenburg, and Peggy’s cove. I also found the tranquil setting of Blue Rocks the perfect place to spend the day quietly taking photographs.


This collection of portraits is a cross section of all the work I have done over the years. I endeavor to create portraits that convey strength, courage and a robust sense of the self.


This is a collection of photographs that highlight some of the fashion photography I have done over the years. I’ve always believed that fashion and Photography go very much hand in hand, so I always make sure that I keep coming back to fashion shooting as an essential artistic outlet.


This is a collection of photographs showing some of my commercial work.


This is a series of photographs taken from the window of a commercial airliner. They were most gracious to allow me to use my large camera pressed against the window. They were all taken at the cruise altitude of around 35000 feet, hence the names.

Light Painting

Light paintings are made by making very long exposures, while moving various light sources in front of the camera. The film (or sensor) records the results.


These photographs are real x-ray shots taken at a mammography lab, with time graciously donated my a friend. We used a mammography x-ray machine because of it’s sensitivity to tissue, resulting in very fine detail of plant structures.

Production Shots

This is a collection of snapshots taken during production at various photo shoots,  a kind of behind-the-scenes look at how some of the photographs are created.

Capital Building at night Torun apartments teaser 09_Montreal stairs
Washington DC Warsaw New York Montreal
004_Foggy Night 18_Glass bottles 02 Blue rocks 2 001_Laureen Harper
Ottawa Ottawa Valley Nova Scotia Portraits
06d taya still life 1 30 000 ft 1 04_light4
Fashion Commercial Clouds Light Painting
02 lilly_Black Cam setup    
X-ray Production Shots